Awarded as Dynamics CRM MVP – The best April Fool Day Pranks ever!

First of all, it is such an honor to receive the MVP award from Microsoft this year. It’s all by grace, as there are many people who are more experienced than me in Dynamics CRM.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I received this big email from Microsoft:


I still could not believe it, as the previous day was April Fool Day where some of my friends teased and set up some pranks on me. Including Google, where they put Pokemon Challenge on Google maps.


I still could not believe it until I click the links in the email, enter the MVP detail and bam! It’s real! I didn’t expect it, even though there was someone from Microsoft asked some contact information a couple weeks before.

So, within this post I would really express my gratitude to God, as it is completely a MIRACLE for me, Microsoft, for this amazing award, Mark Smith (@nzCRMguy) and CP (Microsoft) for allowing me to participate as Melbourne Dynamics CRM User Group Committee, Brett Yorgey, Brent Howard, Felix Hariyadi and JayThom team for introducing me to Dynamics CRM, Sarah Ashton and CRM Team in Oakton who supports me until this day, and of course, my beloved wife that supports me all the time 🙂

I hope my future experience and sharing could continue to contribute to the Dynamics CRM users.

My new MVP profile:


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