Standalone WcfTestClient

Recently I have to work on a client to do some WCF configuration update to conform with their new IFD Deployment. The first tool that I’m trying to find to test WCF Services is WcfTestClient. However I only have the WcfTestClient on my own machine (with Visual Studio installed). While, client’s machines do not have Visual Studio. After doing some quick research, I found out that WcfTestClient can be made “portable”. So, I made my own “portable” WcfTestClient. The only requirement is to have .Net Framework installed (most of the client’s machine usually has .Net framework isntalled).

I shared the WcfTestClient on my OneDrive:!1580&authkey=!ADkPUmhfdAQS5Hg&

5 thoughts on “Standalone WcfTestClient

  1. Hi there,

    Just for those who try this on a Windows Server 2012+ machine or just a machine without .NET 3.5 installed, I had to make a few config changes to get it to work:

    1. Update all .exe.configs in there to use .NET 4.5

    2. Update all exe configs in there to set legacy CAS policy:

    and then, finally the WCFTestClient app was able to run.

    Also, when I point it to a WCF service URL which doesn’t publish metadata, it complains saying metadata is not published.

    To get around that, when ‘adding a service’ via WcfTestClient, just append ?singleWsdl to it
    and you should be able to invoke it.

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