CRM On-Premise Sandbox Colour Scheme

A workmate in crime from Brisbane office, Gerhard Pretorius, recently posted an interesting tricks to change On-Premise Deployment with Sandbox Colour Scheme that currently only available on CRM Online:


To make an On-Premise CRM system display the “Sandbox Theme”, you will need to do some code…

Just a note – this is only available for CRM 2013 RU2 and up. THIS IS AN UNSUPPORTED CUSTOMISATION!

Edit the main.aspx file on the CRM server, this is usually located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\main.aspx. In the head section of main.aspx, after the title tag add the following tag (replace OrgName with your CRM Organisation name):


    if (ORG_UNIQUE_NAME == "OrgName") {
        var IS_SANDBOX_ORG = true;



Restart the CRM Server / do an IIS Reset.

Only the sandbox instance will now show the orange “Sandbox Theme”. This is a great way for users to know which system they are in.

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