Dynamics CRM Online Deployment Exam MB2-706

Today I took and passed the Dynamics CRM Online Deployment exam MB2-706. The title only mention Dynamics CRM Online, however when I look more carefully on the skills measured section, there are some topics that quite overlapped with the Dynamics CRM Installation exam MB2-708.

First of all, I won’t break the NDA of the exam but I would like to give my thought on the exam. And if you ask me anything about sample questions and answers, I would say upfront, but sorry I won’t give anything.

As I mentioned earlier on the post that there are some overlapped topics with the installation exam, however I was quite unprepared when I was given some questions that supposedly only applicable for on-premise installation. Then I spent the time of the feedback to point out the questions that not accurate for the Online Deployment. Apart from that, the rest of the exams questions completely reflects the items that listed on the skills measured.

For the preparation of the exam, I just used the Dynamics CRM Online Deployment MOC training material from PartnerSource, however the training itself is not sufficient to pass the exam. Referring back to the skills measured, there are some topics that were not covered in the Online Deployment training, maybe combined with the installation course would be beneficial. Reading the Implementation and Administration guide also a good supplement to prepare the exam.

And one more tip for the exam: Second Shot. Microsoft is offering the second chance if you don’t pass the exam for the first time. The Second Shot offer valid for MCP exams that is taken between January 5, 2015, and May 31, 2015. My tip on this Second Shot is not use this opportunity to memorise the questions, but to identify on which section(s) that we are weak at, then do better preparation for the second chance.

I hope this helps!

4 thoughts on “Dynamics CRM Online Deployment Exam MB2-706

  1. I’ve been studying for this exam MB2-708. I have a customersource login so I’ve been viewing the training material that has been provided. It makes sense you mentioning some overlap concerning installation because in the customersource listing, MB2-708 comprises of two training modules 80679 installation and 80664 deployment. It also makes sense that the exam covers installation questions because the exam title is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Installation.

    What is the pass mark these days – last time I took exams was for 4.0. Is it 700 or 800 now?

    • I think you read the exam code differently, it’s mb2-706 which is online deployment. Mb2-708 definitely the installation, therefore I mentioned it’s quite unclear for CRM online exam to have installation components that not relevant AT ALL with CRM Online.
      The passing mark is 700.

  2. I just took (and passed) the MB2-708 Exam and am scheduled to take MB2-706 next week. I went through the training on Partnersource for Online Deployment and am hoping that in combination with everything I already learned for MB2-708 will get me through. Have you taken MB2-708 by any chance? Just wondering how similar they are.

    • I haven’t taken that exam, hopefully when I have some free time to squeeze in. I’ve done the CRM 2013 one so I think it will be similar to that, the online deployment I believe definitely has less installation things and more of CRM online questions. However, what I’ve found at the exam there are some questions that not relevant at all for CRM Online, so knowing that from your previous installation exam is a good advantage for you.

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