Tips: Keep Your CRM Solution File Slim

Keep yourself slim is an interesting topic from health perspective, but what does this title mean for Dynamics CRM customization? To start with, I’d highlight on what we could have in a Dynamics CRM solution. Based on MSDN article: below are the list of items that can be added to a CRM solution:

Solution component

Most of the above items are relatively small in size (XML markup in customization.xml), however one part that makes the solution file becomes really big is the Web Resources, typical large files that attached to the solution are the image files. One of the consequences of having large solution file is solution import timeout (this problem happened quite often to me). So, I’d share my tips to overcome this issue.

First tips is separating the solution for deployment e.g: one solution for anything apart the images web resources and another solution to include the images. Note: be mindful on the sequence of the import (the images solution need to be imported first in this case).

Second tips is to check whether there is any unused web resource. To check this, I’m using XrmToolbox with “Web Resources Manager” plugin:

Web Resource Manager

Load the web resources, once loaded, there is a nifty feature on Tools menu called: Find web resources without dependency.

Find Web resources without dependency

This feature will list up the web resources without dependency (orphan record that uploaded but no longer used)Delete The Unused Web Resource

Now after this, it is your decision whether you would like to delete the record straight away or use this as your own reference. My suggestion would only use this for your reference, remove the item manually from the solution without deleting it.

Hope this helps!

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