Tips: How To Hide The Out of The Box CRM Reports From the End Users

Dynamics CRM out of the box has plenty of built in reports, however these reports might or might not relevant to the business of the user. So to avoid complexity for the end user, we want to make sure that only relevant reports from the out of the box reports to be made available to the user.

The TL;DR; answer is: make the report as personal report.

Now with the details, first of all we need to make sure the end user only have User level privilege on Read Report privilege.Report_Privilege

Then on the report record, navigate to Actions > and click on Revert to Personal Report


And if required, you could assign the record to your admin so he/she could manage the report by sharing this to the other users in case they need it.


Note: Personal reports are not solution aware, so you could not add these report in your solution. In case you need to revert the reports on the other environment, yes, it is a tedious work to apply them one by one.

Hope it helps!

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