Quick Tip for CRM Admins: What is the security privileges that assigned to my users?

Recently I’ve been asked by some of my colleagues and the CRM admin of the client that I worked with to find a way of the security privileges that assigned to some users in their CRM Organisation.

The answer is: CRM out of the box comes with a handful of out of the box report (some of them might not relevant to the business and you would like to hide them and the guide is available here) and there is a hidden gem that we often missed/forget. The report is named “User Summary”.


It will produce a matrix report similar to below (It is a bit ugly, as I need to hide the personal information)


Alternatively my colleague, Stephanus Natawardaja, has put a Fetch XML based report that will help you in checking the users security privilege in a nicer way: https://snataw.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/display-and-report-user-business-units-teams-and-security-roles/


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