Theming in Dynamics CRM: Doing It Right

Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1 (7.1.0) comes with the new feature that allows to apply theme and provide your Dynamics CRM application with branding capabilities and adding a sense of CRM application ownership.

To get started working on theming your Dynamics CRM application, navigate to Settings > Customizations > Themes.

Best practice is to create a clone of the CRM Default Theme by selecting the existing “CRM Default Theme” and clicking the CLONEbutton, so that by default, your custom theme will have the base colour.

dynamics crm theming 1


What happens if you directly create a new custom theme? Your custom theme will be defaulted to black, and it is quite annoying to change it one by one.

dynamics crm theming 2


The downside of the theme editor is the absence of colour picker. So for us to get a quick result of the look and feel of the custom theme that we are configuring, there is a great web app publicly available to help you: Dynamics CRM Theme Generator.

dynamics crm theming 3


Once you are happy with the look and feel, simply put the colour back to the custom theme.

Adding organisation logo will improve the sense of ownership of the application. The logo will be taken from Dynamics CRM Web Resources. So, you could create and upload a new logo as a web resource. The recommended image size would be around 400px width x 50px height (Ref:

Once you are happy with the theme, don’t forget to publish the theme by clicking the “PUBLISH THEME” button at the top of the theme editor form.

dynamics crm theming 4


Now, you should have your theme applied to your Dynamics CRM Organisation.

dynamics crm theming 5


Happy CRM Theming!


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