Be Careful with Minified Javascript with CRM 2015 Mobile App

Recently myself and my team are troubleshooting an issue with the CRM mobile app. The issue is that when the mobile app is trying to connect and getting the latest metadata it always stuck and fails at the step 4/5 of the configuration wizard.

We’ve found an article on an open source documentation: that says:

“Do not use the minified version (CrmFetchKit.bundle.min.js) in combination with the App for CRM. The App for CRM seems to have problems with minified code. The minified version prevents the successful configuration of the app (step 4/5 of the configuration wizard failed).

This issue affects all versions (3.x.x). The reason for this issue is unknown, Microsoft support did not provide any details.”

Once we used the non minified version of the javascript the configuration wizard of the mobile apps completed successfully.


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