My First PCF Control: AddressFinder Australian Addresses

First of all, credit to Sankal Bansal on his New Zealand Version of the similar control with the same provider.

I was recently working on a specific task to implement a new Address Autocomplete/Validation solution. So, the selected validation/provider was AddressFinder. This API provider provides quite extensive information that the typical Australian addresses need (GNAF ID, DPID, Geolocation, and some more IDs provided as the metadata).

Traditionally, we create an HTML web resource that interacts with the main page script. But then the roadmap ahead is going towards building PCF controls. So, I decided to give it a go on building this PCF control.

To begin my journey, I was looking at and found some good examples of address autocomplete with Azure Maps & Google Maps. I learned the concept from those examples, then I found Sankal’s solution that is almost the same as what I would like to achieve. However, his solution is based on New Zealand’s dataset (metadata and mapping are different) and doesn’t map the full address to a field.

So, I created a specific Australian solution for this PCF. You can find the detail at my github repository:

The workaround to get the mapping is to follow this post:, as this is a known issue with the PCF:

A quick demo here:


3 thoughts on “My First PCF Control: AddressFinder Australian Addresses

  1. Very cool, i’d be keen to see if this would map to ‘’, they seem to still be working on stuff in the background / beta testing but looks a lot more promising for price focused people. You ok for me to port code over during the holidays? πŸ™‚

    * disclaimer…. Author of πŸ˜‰

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