New PCF – TinyMCE Rich Text Editor

So, after learning on how to make a PCF control from my previous learning experience. I decided to look for other controls that I can work on. One of them is the TinyMCE/Rich Text Editor control. I noticed that there is another RTE editor in However, one of my need is to convert them to the HTML content, as it will be used within the body of email in some of the existing workflows, and also the existing system that I’m working on is already using the older xrmtinymce that hasn’t been maintained for a while.

Without further ado, here is the demo:

You can check the source code and get the managed solution from this github repo:

A few learning items from building this PCF control:

  1. If you are running older node.js, please update it. I was running v.9, and the current stable/recommended one is just recently updated to v.12 from v.10 last week. When, I was running the older version and I run into an issue when I’m trying to include the tinymce css.
  2. To include external libraries, I can’t customise the webpack of PCF CLI, for time being, I need to add them all as resources in the ControlManifest.Input.xml

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