About Me

Andre Margono is a Solution Architect specialising in the Dynamics 365 & Power Platform solutions based in Melbourne, Australia. I love to see how organisations embracing technologies to help them producing a better outcome

This blog is written along with my experience, just in case in future I need something that I encountered in past. And hopefully my experience can help others as well..

Since 2014, I’ve been awarded as Microsoft MVP in Dynamics 365/CRM.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Andre Margono,

    Saya Mulyawan dari bali, saat ini kami menggunakan AX 2012 R3. Kami ingin mengimplementasikan Dynamics CRM 365. Kami ingin mengintegrasikan master item/customer, transaksi yang ada di AX. Apakah anda bisa training kami bagaimana cara untuk mengintegrasikan kedua aplikasi tersebut. Ini email saya

    Terima kasih

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