Set Dynamics CRM Settings as Default Landing Page

The new navigation on Dynamics CRM 2013 is quite annoying for system admin/customiser/developer, as the default landing page is set to Sales (Compared to Dynamics CRM 2011, where all navigations are on the left hand side of the screen so this is not an issue).
It requires extra clicks to navigate to Settings, the place where system admin/customiser/developer care the most, by clicking Dynamics CRM Symbol > Settings, and if the mouse pointer hovered out of the navigation pane, it collapses and requires user to click the Dynamics CRM symbol again.

Getting frustrated with the non-productive time with extra clicks, I tried to look into the option and found the way to set the default landing page:
1. Click on the Gear Symbol next to user detail, click on Options (to set Personal Options).


2. Set the Default Pane and Default Tab to the required one (As Developer I prefers to go to Solutions tab, As System Admin I will go with Administration tab).

I hope this will help anyone, especially fellow developers/admins/customisers to be able to navigate in Dynamics CRM 2013 more fluently.

Dynamics CRM Compatibility with Windows 8.1 & IE 11


Windows XP support is going to be over on 8th of April 2014. To learn more about upgrade options for Windows XP:




Everything seems good and cool. Windows 8.1 is lovely, Windows button is there, the UI is sleek and fluid, lots of Apps available in the store.
Until we come to our lovely Dynamics CRM 2011, IE 11 makes it not working properly anymore!

This KB article mentioned about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM support for IE 11:

There are some options available:

1. Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 2013 (Update Rollup 2 solves this compatibility)

KB Article:
Download Link:
Some good consideration when implementing UR by Donna Edwards:

2. Temporarily use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox until you are ready to Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or UR on Dynamics CRM 2011 that supports IE 11.

Currently, Microsoft plans to add Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility mode as a supported web browser in the third quarter of calendar year 2014 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Looking forward to see more organisations to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and taste the best of the upgrade!



Dynamics CRM 2013 [Beta] Exciting Part! Process Form & Business Rules Everywhere!

I’m lucky enough to get a hands-on with the new Dynamics CRM 2013 Beta from my current company as part of partner readiness.

The features that I really love from this new update are: Process Form & Business Rules!

What is Process Form? This update was released on CRM Online version in Dec 2012, around the same time as the release of UR 12 (Exciting multi-browsers support). This feature is helping sales process to keep track with each stage of a form. And now it’s available everywhere on every entity (as far as I can see in this beta release)!

Next is Business Rule. What is it? This is an amazing feature to implement business logic on certain entity. We could build our validation rule on the form, field update, hide/show part within form, make field editable based on certain values and many more awesome functionality and it is bound to solution! From developer point of view, this will reduce the time to do form scripting (reduce testing time when there is bug/wrong logic in the js)

Would this replace plug-in or workflow functionality? To certain extent it may.

I’ll keep updating this post with screenshots and more detailed features.