Usefulness of WCF Tracing

Today I got some “unhelpful” exception while upgrading one of the project from CRM 4 to 2011. And the structure of the project is changed from using direct communication from website to CRM, now it utilize WCF in between.

I’ve been doing WCF for about 2 year, but now I just found out that WCF tracing can be this useful. So, this is what happened:


No clear explanation right?

Then I decided to trace and add this in web.config of WCF:

      <source name="System.ServiceModel" switchValue="Information, ActivityTracing" propagateActivity="true">
          <add name="traceListener" type="System.Diagnostics.XmlWriterTraceListener" initializeData= "c:\traces.svclog" />

Do the problematic process again, and it generates:


I opened it, skim through the log and found this:


Double click that one, something goes wrong..


Select that error:

ImageGotcha! Now I have better clue on what I should fix..

How to disable auto creation of ID in Visual Studio 2010

How many of us encounter problem with Visual Studio that automatically change the ID of the controls that we copy-paste in our projects.
Luckily I found the solution for this trouble maker. We need to change it through Visual Studio’s option.

First go to Tools => Options
Select Tool - Options

Then Under TextEditor => HTML => misc, uncheck:
Uncheck this