Microsoft Teams: Tips to Change Date/Time Format

We, at Barhead has just started our Microsoft Teams journey earlier this month. One thing that we noticed is that by default of standard installation every date/time formatting are in US format. Below is a sample of conversation log between me and my colleague. The conversation was happening a few weeks ago, which is still in the month of April, but the one showing below seems to be reverse of Australian time format (dd/MM/yyyy) and showing US format (MM/dd/yyyy).

Chat Log

So, I found out the way to change the date time format is by changing the Language. To change the language: Click on the “profile” icon at the bottom left of the application, and click on Language:


This then will open the selection of the language. Select your language. Note: in this window, Microsoft Team also specify that language will determine the date and time format.


Click Save and Restart to see the changes being applied!



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