CRM 4.0 Deployment Problem – web.config cannot be loaded properly

Today I developed an application to be deployed in ISV. However as per request I couldn’t use the default organization,
so I need to change the url from:

The problem is my current web.config couldn’t be loaded properly. I got empty configuration even I use existing configuration from other project that use the same CRM.
After a chat with my work mate, he come accoss to Janne Mattila’s blog and I found the solution.

That’s a relief, yet not the end of the problem. I have a project that contains all CRM functions there. The solution above only applicable if I use those functions in one project, unfortunately I use it accross several projects.
So after some time and a chat with my work mate again we come into a solution:

1. I create a function in the config class that I use for the projects

public static void LoadCustomConfigFile()
// open the configuration on this specific path
Configuration configuration = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration("/ISV/");

// get all configuration that starts with "Crm" keyword - use "Crm" keyword for Crm related settings
var crmConfigurationKeys = configuration.AppSettings.Settings.AllKeys.Where(k => k.StartsWith("Crm")).ToList();

foreach (var crmKey in crmConfigurationKeys)
ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Set(crmKey, configuration.AppSettings.Settings[crmKey].Value);

2. On page load event in the ISV application

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
// Load custom config

// do the rest of page load event

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