When Case Routing is not Working, Check the Team Security Role

Recently I worked on a demo to showcase Dynamics 365 Service (case management) capability. One of the feature that I would like to show is the case routing functionality.

I’ve created a simple rule, let say IF the case type = product enquiry, assign the owner to Product team.

So, I tried the rule by clicking save & route button on the case form, but it doesn’t do what I expect it to do…


Later I found out that the team that the case routing rule has been configured with, doesn’t have enough privilege to own a case (in my case this was a brand new team, without security role assigned).

After I assigned the appropriate security role, now the routing works as expected.

I hope this help anyone who might encounter the same issue.

Note: I’ve submitted an idea (link below) to allow preemptive message to let us know if the rule doesn’t have enough privilege. Please vote it up if you think this will be helpful.



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