Tips to prepare for the Dynamics 365 exam – MB2-716: Customization and Configuration

Recently I passed the Microsoft Dynamics 365 exam on Customization & Configuration (MB2-716). I just would like to share the preparation tips that I’ve done to get this certification nailed down.

Note: You will not find any question that related to the exam here and I won’t give you any of it, as it is part of the NDA.

Source #1: Dynamics Learning Portal

This exam is considerably new (released 1-2 months ago). When I was preparing for the exam, the only official material that is available is from Dynamics Learning Portal:

If you have worked with the previous version(s) of Dynamics 365/CRM, these DLP courses can be used to refresh most of the concept of the subject. But for the newcomers, these learning modules are really recommended!

Source #2: Revision Notes

Another source that is really helpful to help me passing this exam is Neil Parkhurst’s revision notes: The content is for Dynamics CRM 2016. However, 80-90% of the content is still applicable for Dynamics 365.

Source #3: Hands on Experience

 Mistakes are the best lessons ,   While experience is the best teacher

Image taken from:

As the wise man says “Experience is the best teacher”, hands-on experience with the system is a must!


So, without breaching the NDA, below are the topics (not exhaustive and I’m not covering all topics here) that I hope would help you to prepare for the exam:


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