Dynamics CRM Online Trial Provisioning Issue: Here the Fix!

Microsoft recently upgrade the experience in provisioning the CRM Online Trial. The process that took quite long time now has been reduced into a couple minutes. This is a good sign in terms of speed in quality service. Unfortunately with this speediness, I found out it is not perfect yet. So here’s what I found…

I run a new CRM Online instance today for demo and test purpose, so I entered the trial, configured the instance as usual, however once the process finished and I opened the CRM Online instance, I got a whole heap of errors: “You do not have sufficient privileges to view this chart. Contact your system administrator.“ on dashboard charts and the only available navigations are Service and Settings. My first impression: what’s going on? I’m the full system admin: my security role is admin & I’m the admin of the Office365…


So, after a short head scratch and wondering why it’s happening… I found out the underlying issue: Even though I’m the “Admin”, but I’m not assigned with the license (doh).

To fix this, I need to go to Office365 admin page, navigate to Users & Groups > Active User > Click on the User


Navigate on licenses, then assign the correct licenses and click on Save.


Wait a couple seconds… Refresh CRM page and…


I hope this helps others to troubleshoot CRM Online Trial Provisioning

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