Bulk Unblock the Assemblies for XrmToolBox

I’m a big fan of XrmToolBox developed by Tanguy Touzard, it is a must have tool for Dynamics CRM Professionals.

One thing that quite annoys me is every time I download the tool, the assemblies are blocked (due to Windows security to prevent rogue assemblies to run on the machine). So, I found a way on how to unblock the assemblies in bulk using PowerShell.

The syntax goes like this:

gci <your XrmToolBox folder> | Unblock-File


gci c:\XrmToolBox | Unblock-File

Edit: a better trick to unblock all assemblies is by unblock the downloaded zip file first before extracting it. Ref: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942532. Credit to Marco to mention it in Twitter post!

I hope this helps!

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