Dynamics CRM 2016 Solution: Flexibility in adding your existing entity!

Dynamics CRM 2016 comes with enhancement to the solution mechanism. The most favourite part of it is the patching and cloning, for more information about this, you can see Magnetism Team blog’s here.

Well, apart from the fancy feature above, now as system customizer/developer, we have a granular option of the entity on what we are going to include in the solution. Before CRM 2016, when we add any existing entity to a CRM solution, everything about that entity will be included in the solution. Now in CRM 2016, we can selectively add which part of the entity that relevant to this solution (this is in conjunction with the patching functionality). So now if I only want to make the change to one form, one view and a couple of fields it is now possible!


And the import process is considerably much faster this time, so it is a big improvement!


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